Airdrop Twitter App


Why do our users earn?
We preferred to give our advertising budgets to our users rather than advertising agencies or influencers.
We set aside 10% of the total FLF supply to distribute to our users.
We allocated 10% of the total FLF supply to global advertisements.

To earn FLF;
1.Follow FlyLights on Twitter and earn 30 FLF.
2.Join FlyLights Telegram group and earn 30 FLF.
3.Follow FlyLights on Instagram and get 30 FLFs.

Check your tasks frequently on the Airdrop page.

The daily login reward is randomly between 1-10 FLF and can be received every 24 hours.
Retweet and get 10 FLF
Leave a comment and get 10 FLF
Like and get 5 FLF

Reference system
With your referral code, 10 FLFs will be transferred to your account from each registered user.
Each member can win a maximum of 100 referral awards.
Members can log in with a reference code while registering.
Reference code cannot be added to the system at the 2nd login.
The referral code can be used once per member.

Winning users can transfer their FLFs to their wallets after collecting 2000 FLFs.
There is an approval process before you can transfer FLF to your wallet.
The account you follow us must be a visible account. Private accounts cannot earn profits.
After all tasks have been checked, FLFs will be transferred to your wallet. (within 2 days max)
Flylights Technology reserves the right to make changes on the Airdrop.