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In the images here you will see our entire factory meeting center and our entire production stage.
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Delivery and logistics

Flylights Technology is a direct, pre-programmed air distribution route that connects two locations and can be combined into a Flylights Network. Fully autonomous drone-based logistics can reduce delivery times and cut shipping costs tenfold compared to ground transportation. Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) technology means the drone can operate in tight spaces. Flylights Networks simplifies logistics by integrating software, hardware and communication in one turnkey solution.

More from drones

The Flylights Technology solution combines the latest in communications, AI-based computing and aerodynamics into one reliable delivery system. Our customer-focused services make the planning, installation and deployment of a Flylights Network simple and efficient without the need for any prior knowledge of aircraft or regulations.

Enterprise Products

Capture the smallest details in detail. Extend your recording time and produce corporate solutions with professional accessories.
It will make you happy with its flexible flight capabilities!

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Consumer Products

Make your family’s memories unforgettable while playing sports, walking, playing football. Flylights are with you!

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Our company and values

We try to come up with real solutions to real problems and we never pretend we can’t support them. We continue to explore the limits of the sky so that flying technologies benefit our lives in smart cities.

All based in the US, Australia and China, focused on pushing the boundaries of industrial automation. Facilitated by a visionary team.

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Delivery Drones

The FL104 with different carrying capacities was produced to eliminate transportation and other costs.
See how it takes the load!

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